Let's Create Her Special Day!


**These services are performed during our group and single packages and can be booked through our online booking**

Soft Manicure

with her choice of Chic ring

(cleaning the nails and applying non-chemical nail polish)

Soft Pedicure

(enjoying bobble water, cleaning nails and applying non-chemical nail polish)

Face Mask

100% organic face mask or treatment

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter tattoo (add on service)

Chic Hair Styling

Chic hair do with choice of favorite hair piece or jewelry

Chic Makeup

Chic makeup with 100% organic and non chemical Klee Girls

Extra Services/ Add Ons

  • Face Mask & Cucumber ($5)

  • Hair Glitter (Gel) Spray ($5)

  • Birthday Goodie Bags ($10/kid)

  • Hair Tinsel ($2/ea.)

  • Pedi Bubble Bath ($3)